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Global Lab24 is a german dental manufacturer and a full service dental laboratory, specializing in production, logistics, customer service and commitment to quality control of high quality dentures produced in Germany.

Global Lab24 maintains the highest possible standards in order to offer our customers top quality dentures in the areas of form, function and aesthetics.


Global Lab24 was founded in August 2012 in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, where the headquarters is still located. It started as a traditional dental laboratory for dentists in the greater Stuttgart area. Later the company started working with different dentists not only in Stuttgart but all over Germany.


The goal of Global Lab24 is to expand and to keep you as a satisfied customer long term. Success for both partners can originate only through efficient team cooperation, resulting in successful customers and happy patients.

In order to offer affordable and yet high quality, attractive dentures to a population facing rising costs of living, we enable our customers to offer financial advantages to their clients. This profit brings strategic advantages over your competitors, as well as economic advantages for you and your clientele.


Let yourself be inspired by our skill and these opportunities! Global Lab24 will accept your phone call with pleasure and undertake your first dispatch without delay.

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As an incentive we offering a 20% discount off the list price of the first two new orders. Can we arrange an appointment?

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